Superscale 72-826: A-7E Corsair II

Units: VA-81 and VA-87




Scott Van Aken

Now I am a firm believer that one cannot have too many Navy A-7 decal sheets in any scale. They have to have had some of the most colorful markings applied to any aircraft on a regular basis. These have been taken from some of the more recent 1/48 sheets and are quite welcome.

First up is the VA-87 markings for a CAG bird on the USS Independence. No other info is given, but it has to be a late 1970s scheme.

The other is from VA-81 with its large orange arrowhead marking. and is the CAG bird from the USS Forrestall, also in the mid 1970s or so.

There are a number of kits for the A-7E in 1/72, the best of which is the Fujimi version. The Airfix kit really isn't bad when one considers its age and it may well be easier to find. Italeri released their reboxed ESCI kit a few years back and it is also a nice kit with engraved panel lines, something the Airfix one lacks.

The sheet has full insignia and data markings for both aircraft. It also includes the walkway areas on the upper tail section for one aircraft, a nice addition.

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