Superscale 72-824: P-47N Thunderbolt

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Scott Van Aken


With the release of the new Italeri 1/72 P-47N, Superscale has produced two new 1/72 sheets. These are not the same as those done many years back and offer different markings from those. Both aircraft are in overall natural metal.

First up is 'Lonesome Polecat' from the 19 FS/318 FG at Ie Shima in mid-1945. It has a blue prop hub, cowl front and cowl flaps to go along with the yellow tail planes. The sheet provides the black stripes.

The other aircraft is 'Duck Butt' from the 464 FS/507 FG, also at Ie Shima. This one has a yellow prop hub and yellow tail surfaces, but with only a single black stripe on the fin/rudder. The aircraft also has yellow wing stripes, which are also provided.

Full insignia for both and data markings for one are provided on the sheet as well.

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