Superscale 72-813: A-4E Skyhawks

Units: VA-92 & 152




Scott Van Aken

The second new 1/72 Skyhawk sheet is for the A-4E. This kit is much more easily found and besides the superlative Fujimi kit, the recently reissued Italeri/ESCI kit will be fine for this one. There is also an E by Hasegawa, but it is a touch overscale so the markings may not fit. Both aircraft are in the lovely Light Gull Grey over White scheme and both are later versions with the avionics hump that was normally on the A-4F.

First up is a CAG bird from VA-152 aboard the USS Shangri-La in 1970.

The other is a more normal VA-94 aircraft from the USS Bon Homme Richard. This scheme is the same as one of the late ESCI boxings, but I guarantee that the decals are much better.

The sheet provides full markings including wing walk, anti-glare panel and tail hook stripes.

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