Superscale 72-812: A-4C Skyhawks

Units: VA-95 & 112




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with their new 1/72 sheet releases, Superscale has decided that we need some new Skyhawk sheets. I couldn't agree more. This particular one covers two A-4Cs, both from 1968 and both in the standard Light Gull Grey over White scheme. If you are thinking that there are no kits, then you'd be wrong as Fujimi has a superlative C model in its line-up that is not difficult to find. There is also a very old IPMS conversion set for the Italeri/ESCI A-4E kit that basically provides new intakes and a new nose.

First scheme is from the USS John F. Kennedy and VA-95.

The other is VA-112 aboard the USS Ticonderoga. Neither plane is a CAG bird so for you who like to do 'normal' squadron planes, this sheet is for you.

A really nice touch with 1/72 scale is that you get full markings for both aircraft. That includes the nose anti-glare panel, tail hook stripes and the wing walk areas.

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