Superscale 72-810: P-47D Thunderbolts

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet contains two P-4Ds; one in camo and the other in bare metal. Modelers are fortunate in that there are a number of good kits in 1/72 for this aircraft. Hasegawa, Revell AG and Academy all make excellent kits and there are others that are not really that bad for which these markings should fit.

First up is 'Oh Johnnie' of Medal of Honor recipient Ray Knight of the 346 FS/350 FG. His plane is OD over Neutral grey with a Hamilton Standard prop. The canopy and windscreen are in bare metal.

The other is 'Flak Valley Express from the 506 FS/404 Fg. It is in bare metal with an olive drab rudder and black anti glare panel. It has a Curtiss-Electric 13' Asymmetrical prop. The black D-Day stripes are provided as decals.

Insignia are provided for both and data markings for one aircraft.

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