Superscale 72-806: P-51D Mustang

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Scott Van Aken

Delving now into the Mustang realm for this 1/72 sheet, there are three very colorful late war aircraft. All of them are in natural metal with aluminum painted wings. There are enough insignia on the sheet for two planes and enough data markings for one. Most will choose the Tamiya kit for this sheet, though there are a lot who prefer the Hasegawa version. Many others exist that should be compatible with this sheet.

First up is 'Ridge Runner' of the 335 FS/4 FG and flown by Pierce McKennon. It has a red nose and canopy frame with a white rudder.

From teh 362 FS/357 FG is 'Moose' of Myron Becroft. This ace's plane has 'only' the nose red and white markings.

Finally there is 'Daddy's Girl' from the 370 FS/359 FG and piloted by Ray Wetmore. It has a green nose and medium blue rudder to make for a colorful plane.

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