Superscale 72-800: B-25J Mitchells

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Scott Van Aken

It is with much delight that I see Superscale returning to producing 1/72 sheets. They have been out of the smaller scale market for well over 10 years and it is good to see them back. The plans are to produce 1/72 sheets based on previous 1/48 releases as well as bringing back some of the more popular 1/72 sheets. Initial planning is to do 4 with each major release. I highly recommend supporting this so that we who like to do 1/72 scale will have the opportunity to have some great markings for our smaller scale planes.

First up is a sheet for the new Hasegawa 1/72 B-25J, though I guess you could use them on any other 1/72 J bird.

First plane is 'Lazy Daisy Mae' from the 501 BS/345 BG in New Guinea during 1945. It is in the standard OD over neutral grey. The aircraft has orange cowling fronts and white wing stripes that must be painted on by the builder.

Next is 'Ave Maria' from the 447 BS/321 BG in 1944. No locale is given, but I bet it is in Italy. The upper surface (other than the nose) is Olive Drab while the rest of the plane is in natural metal. Fin tips are in red. It appears that no nose armament is carried.

The third B-25j is 'The Little King' from the 380 BS/310 BG in Algeria, 1944. This plane is overall natural metal with black de-icer boots on the fins. The inside of the engine cowlings is painted in Olive Drab.

Overall a very nice selection of aircraft for a start back into 1/72. In case you are wondering, I don't think that Superscale left off with sheet 799 when they stopped doing 1/72. The highest number 1/72 sheet I have from them is 779, a P-38 sheet. I think that starting with 800 just seemed like as good a place as any. There are enough common markings to do two of the planes on the sheet.

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