Superscale 72-779 for P-38H/J Lightning

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Scott Van Aken

One doesn't see too much in the way of P-38s on the show tables. Guess they are out of favor or something. This is especially true of 1/72 where they are almost extinct! Or so it seems. Anyway, you have a very nice, but a bit elderly Hasegawa kit to use for the later versions, and Revell made a late P-38 as well. Even older, and you are into Airfix territory, but the at least it is an early bird.  I'm surprised that Academy hasn't reverse engineered the Hasegawa kit, but perhaps that is for a later time.

This sheet has three rather mundane planes. I say that as they are all in OD and Neutral Grey. However, there are a lot of modelers out there with 'natural metal-phobia' to whom a painted plane is easier to do.

First is 'Piss Pot Pete' a P-38H with the 431st FS/475th FG in 1944. It has a red band around the back  section of the spinner as its only color.

The other P-38H is 'Maiden Head Hunter' also from the 431st. At least it is a bit more colorful with dual red tail bands, red spinners and a red nose. It also has some kill markings just below the cockpit.

The lone P-38J is ' Buffalo Blitz', also from the 431st. This one has actual nose art to go with its lone tail and spinner stripe. Like the previous plane, it has a red tai tip with white stripe. Superscale provides the white stripes.

It also provides a lot of data for all aircraft, but I have cropped that from the image  on the right.

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