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 Superscale 72-745 for P-47N Thunderbolt




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Scott Van Aken



As mentioned in an earlier review on the P-47N, this particular version was specially designed as a long range escort for US bombers in the Pacific theater. Though they didn't enter the conflict until the last months of the war, they proved to be very effective in the designed role. Most all of them were based at Ie Shima as it was the closest US base to Japan.

Superscale basically shrank down its 1/48 sheets for this one. Too bad there is no really good kit of the P-47N in this scale. The Heller kit is a joke and the High Planes version, while it can be made into a very nice model, is very much a short run kit and one that most modelers will not attempt.

As with the previous sheet, both aircraft are from the 318 FG, though this time all are in the later markings used by all three squadrons. This comprises a yellow empennage with black stripes. Only the number on the side is an indication of the squadron.

First plane is from the 333rd FS and is named 'Virginia Belle' and has a yellow cowl edge and prop spinner.

The other is properly adorned with cheesecake. This 73rd FS P-47N is called 'Glori Gal' and other from the group marking and nose art is unadorned with other colors.

Superscale provides all the markings needed for both aircraft. All you really have to do is to paint the empennage yellow and apply the stripes. Not really sure if it is designed for either 1/72 kit, but it is easy to patch up gloss black stripes!

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!

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