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 Superscale 72-743 for P-47N Thunderbolt




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Scott Van Aken


 The P-47N Thunderbolt was a specially designed long range fighter escort version of the the 'Jug'. It was designed to allow American bombers to have escort to the target and back. This was a particular need in the Pacific where ranges were much greater than the European theater. The P-47N can be distinguished from the earlier versions by the long dorsal fillet and the larger, square tipped wings. Too late to see service in Europe, the P-47N did see some action in the late months of the war with Japan, operating from Iwo Jima and nearby islands.

Unfortunately for modelers, there is no good P-47N in 1/72. The 1/48 crowd has two rather new N models by Academy and ProModeler, however the smaller scale is stuck with the Heller P-47N. This is NOT one of Heller's better models and in fact, it generally sucks. The best thing to do would be to craft what you can from the Heller kit onto a Hasegawa or Academy P-47D. A lot of work, but the only way to get a decent long range Jug.

This particular sheet has all the markings you need for two planes. The first is a nice yellow and black striped bird from the 19th FS/ 318 FG. It also has cheesecake nose art entitled 'They Satisfy'. The reference has your editor mulling over just what it means.

The other is listed as also being part of the 19th FS/ 318 FG. I don't think that is totally correct as it is marked in blue trim. I'll let the historians figure that one out. This one is called 'Bitter' and has a cartoon nose art on both sides of the cowling.

As a later Superscale sheet, this one has good references and complete data markings for two birds. If you are willing to put forth the effort to fix up a Heller N, then this is a sheet that will come in handy.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet.

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