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 Superscale 72-715 for F-15 Mod Eagle




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Scott Van Aken



Undoubtedly the finest land based interceptor and fighter in the USAF inventory, the F-15 has soldiered on with great success since it first entered squadron service in the late 1970s. It has been over 30 years since the Eagle's first flight and they are still trickling off the assembly line at St. Louis. Though the latest builds are being called Boeing F-15s, to most of us they will still be McDonnell/Douglas aircraft.

About 15 years ago, it was decided to try a different paint scheme on the Eagle. This scheme is called Mod Eagle, and it is the third official camouflage scheme to be used on the F-15. The first was quite short lived and was only used on prototype, preproduction and a very few initial production aircraft. It was called Air Superiority Blue and consisted of a single color that was gloss on one side and flat on the other. The Mod Eagle scheme uses darker greys of FS36176 for the darker of the two colors and FS 36521 for the lighter. Naturally, they are different colors than anyone has in their paint box so it forces modelers to buy additional paint!

Since the sheet is 1/72 and Eagles are not known for lots of color, you get complete markings and insignia for each of the four aircraft on the sheet. You'll have to spring for the stencil sheet or use kit stencils if you want to apply them to your aircraft. The sheet does include the refueling door outline and the slime lights.

The first aircraft is an F-15C, 78-0505 from the 1  FS/ 325 FW at Tyndall AFB. The 325 FW is a training wing so it carries the Training Command badge on the tail. 

Next is a 390 FS/366 WG F-15D, 86-0181 based at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho. It sports a FS 36118 dark grey radome, probably taken from the F-15E unit that is part of the wing.

F-15C 84-0025 from the 53 FS/52FW at Spangdahlem, Germany is next. This aircraft is a  double Mig killer during the Gulf War and these markings are included.

Finally, a Hawaii ANG F-15A, 76-112 of the 199 FS/154 FW. The Mod Eagle pattern on this aircraft is different from the others and the pattern is shown in the instructions.

Overall, a very nice sheet and one that F-15 fans should have in their collection.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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