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Superscale 72-635 Desert Storm S-3B Vikings




VS-22, 21

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Scott Van Aken



Desert Storm was really the swan song for the S-3B as an ASW platform. Most of the missions flown during that time were air-to-air refueling as the USN had sent all the KA-6D tankers to the boneyard a year or two before. During the Gulf War, the S-3B did get the opportunity to drop some bombs as well as sink a boat or two and lay some mines, but those missions were few and far between. Now the S-3B is basically the air wing's refueling asset. Though it can also perform as a reconnaissance platform, its sub hunting days are over.

Superscale offers two S-3Bs on this sheet. The first one is  from VS-22 off the USS John F Kennedy. This is in the old gull grey and white scheme, but with full low visibility markings. It appears to have low visibility grey engines. There are mission marks to apply to the right side and some of the data decals will have to come from the kit sheet.

The other Viking is from VS-21 aboard the USS Independence. This one is in full low vis paint of FS36375 with only the FS35237 anti-glare panel to offer any relief from all that grey. 

There are really only enough common markings to do one full aircraft. Such things as slime lights, sonobouy warning stripes and other markings will have to be obtained from the kit decal sheet.

As of this writing (Jan 2001), no one does an S-3B update set so you are on your own in that regard.

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