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Superscale 72-622 for Desert Storm F-16 Falcons




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Scott Van Aken



A great deal of the 'mud moving' during Desert Storm was carried out by the F-16 Falcon. The A-10s hunted tanks, the F-15Cs hunted other aircraft,  The F-15Es went after hardened sites and SCUDS, and the F-16s bombed what was left!

This was all great as it was precisely what the aircraft was designed for. It is a multi-mission plane, whose primary reason for being isn't air defense, though it can handle that job well, it is carrying and dropping ordnance.

This particular sheet is entitled Desert Storm F-16s and the listings for all the planes are for F-16Cs. Well, I hate to tell you this, but not all these planes are F-16Cs and not all participated directly in Desert Storm. What is even more interesting is that not all these units are still around and only two of them are still flying F-16s!

Here's the rundown:

First bird is from the 50th TFW at Hahn AFB. This unit was disbanded after Desert Storm and the base closed.

Next is an F-16A from the Florida ANG's 159 TFW. This unit now flies the F-15A and did not participate directly in Desert Storm.

The 363rd TFW did participate in Desert Storm. I'm not sure if this unit is still around or not, but would be willing to bet it is.

Finally, we have the 421st TFW from Hill AFB. These guys are not only still flying F-16Cs, but they may be still flying this particular one. These guys did  participate directly in Desert Storm.

Despite the small glitches in the sheet, this is a pretty good one and offers a small selection of decals that you can put on bombs. These decals have sayings like 'Camel Crusher' and the like.

Review copy courtesy of my long suffering credit card!

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