Superscale 72-607: Iraqi Air Force

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Scott Van Aken

One thing about wars is that it causes the production of a number of decal sheets to commemorate these events. This one came out just after the Gulf War and quickly sold out. It covers a number of different aircraft that were in the inventory of the Iraqi Air Force. Most, if not all these aircraft are now either rusting in the desert or in the hands of the Iranians. They are all in a desert scheme of Light Stone and Dark Earth over Sky (according to the instructions)

The sheet includes two MiG-21 MFs, a single MiG-23BN, a single Mi-24 Hind and a pair of Mirage F.1 EQs.

There are some nice kits for these types from Hasegawa, ESCI, Fujimi, and Airfix to name a few. One may have to do a bit of minor modification to exactly copy the appropriate sub-variant and references would be most helpful to get those correct.

The sheet also contains some kill markings used during the Iraq-Iran war so those can be placed on whichever aircraft the builder deems needed.

Review copy courtesy of me and my quest for the old!

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