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Superscale 72-587 for A-7D Corsair II




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Scott Van Aken



It is interesting that so many decal sheets are available for the A-7 Corsair II. It is even more odd considering how few completed kits I have seen of this aircraft in the last 10 years. It is quite possible that most modelers are either building them in secret and not bringing them to shows, or that they just like to collect A-7 decal sheets. 

Since it has been nearly 15 years since I have finished a 1/72 A-7, I guess that puts me into the decal sheet collector grouping. At one time, I had plans to build an A-7 in the markings of every unit that ever flew it. As you can imagine, I got about 7 aircraft into that goal and realized that we would be talking about easily 50 aircraft kits. Why, this plane was almost in as many units as the F-4 Phantom!  Well, not quite, but it is pretty close!

This is one of the sheets done by Superscale after the split from Microscale. As a result, it is not only well done, but has a full stencil placement guide on the sheet as well. In addition, there is a  full page showing the camouflage scheme on these aircraft. 

Basically, there were two schemes for the A-7D at this time. One was a modified Euro I camouflage of 36118 Gunship Grey and 34079 Dark Green in a wraparound scheme. This particular scheme was a real pain in the patootie to photograph because it was so dark. The other is the much more photographer friendly scheme of 36118 and 36270 light grey. 

There is a note stating that the two greys scheme needs to be painted EXACTLY as is on the diagram as the markings are in two shades of greys and need to be done precisely or the decals won't match up to the proper background color.

The first aircraft on the sheet is from the 4450 Test Group (aka steath group). It is in the modified Euro I scheme. These planes were modified to give handling characteristics similar to the F-117 and flown around before anyone knew of the F-117's existence.

Next are a couple of ANG SLUFFs in the two greys scheme. First from the South Dakota ANG and the other from the ANG A-7 Training Group at Tucson, Ariz. The Arizona aircraft has a nice sunburst emblem on the tip of the tail.

There are enough common markings to do all three aircraft on the sheet, so you don't need to start digging around in your spares box for this one!

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!!

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