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Superscale 72-585 for AV-8B Harrier II





Review By:

Scott Van Aken



This decal sheet has to get an award for putting the fewest markings on the largest sheet. It really isn't Superscale's fault, it is just that the Harrier is a small plane so doesn't have room for a lot of markings. The sheet itself contains markings for three aircraft. You can actually do two of them with the common markings on the sheet that include the little thrust vector angle markings. Two of these planes are in what was then the new low viz greys while the others are in the standard grey/green wrap scheme.

The first plane on the list is from VMA-231, the first unit to get the new AV-8B. It is in the older green/grey wrap scheme.

Next is a VX-5 'night attack' Harrier. This aircraft was used to test the IFR infrared system before it became a standard fit for the fleet. Interestingly enough, this part is not available on any 1/72 Harrier kit that I know of. Even the new Hasegawa AV-8B released in early 2001 does not have the sensor included so you'll have to make one.

Finally, is the  VMA-331 AV-8B in what was then the brand new greys camo scheme. Actually this scheme is pretty nice on the Harrier and is what your editor used in 1/48 back in 1991 to do his Monogram AV-8B.

Which ever scheme you choose, you'll be pleased with the results.

Review copy courtesy of me!

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