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Superscale 72-583 for F-15 Eagle


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This is a sheet for the F-15C Eagle that was released back several years ago or so. The F-15 is a kit that really doesn't get seen too much as shows in 1/72 scale. For some reason, only the 1/48 and larger 1/32  versions see the light of day on the contest tables. Not sure why that is as there is a really good Hasegawa kit of this plane and ESCI also produced one that isn't too bad at all. Perhaps it is the relatively boring paint scheme that Eagles have carried. Only the Air Superiority Blue ones have any real character, but that scheme was only on a very few early production F-15As. The newer Israeli F-15Is are quite colorful with their camo upper surfaces, but seeing one of those in the US is VERY unlikely!

On to the sheet. It is typical of Superscale of the time offering common markings for one of three aircraft. Just doing the stencils on this plane is a good several days of work! All planes are in the 'Compass Ghost Grey' scheme of FS 36320 and 36375. There is an excellent stencil placement guide on the reverse side of the instruction sheet.

There are three aircraft on this sheet:

First is the wing commander's aircraft from the 43rd TFS/21 TFW based at Elmendorf, Alaska

Next is a 57 FIS aircraft from Keflavik, Iceland. This unit was disbanded after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Finally from the 57 Fighter Weapons Wing at Nellis AFB in Nevada is the boss bird.

Any one of these schemes would look good on your Eagle.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet. 

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