Superscale 72-568: B-66B Destroyer

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Long out of production


Scott Van Aken


A kit that I thought would have been more popular was the Italeri B-66 Destroyer. Italeri did two versions, one an EB-66 and the other a straight B-66 bomber. This sheet is for the bomber version. The kit was also boxed by Testors, providing a decal sheet that is superior to that offered by Italeri. This version can often be found at swap meets for a very reasonable price.

B-66s were not very colorful planes as things go. Their service time was relatively short, at least compared to the similar S-3 Skywarrior. All of these planes are in bare metal. The sheets provide nose anti-glare panels and some additional numbers in case you wish to model another aircraft from the units in question. Insignia and walkways will have to come from the kit decals. For some reason you are given two sets of serials and two sets of 'buzz numbers' for each aircraft. Also included are small 'US Air Force' markings that one often sees above tail serials. Very odd.

First is an aircraft from the ARDC (Air Research and Development Command). It only has a badge to provide any distinction.

From the 84th BS is the next one. It has the red tail band and letter T on the aft fuselage.

The 86 BS Destroyer is quite similar though it has a black (or very dark blue) tail stripe and letter A on the fuselage.

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