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Superscale 72-567 for B-66B Destroyer





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Scott Van Aken




Italeri produced are really super kit of the B-66, yet you rarely see it built. Not exactly sure why that is as it is a very nice model. It builds well and looks impressive on the shelf next to other models. Perhaps it is the limited number of markings and the fact that they are not really flashy or full of color compared to other aircraft.

The Italeri kit was reboxed by Testors back in the 80's when Testors did such things. Now they just import the kits as they are. Too bad as the Testors boxing generally included superior decals to the Italeri boxing. This sheet pretty well requires you to have the Testors version of the kit as you need to use a number of markings from the kit as Superscale chose two of the same units as is provided by Testors. A rather strange state of affairs for an aftermarket sheet. You are also given four sets of  'USAF' and  'US Air Force' decals though only three planes are on the sheet. In addition, you are provided with four buzz numbers and tail serials for each plane, though only two are really needed.

The three aircraft are all European based. 

The first is a 66TRW plane with blue engine stripes.

Next is the only 'new' unit , the 85th BS. This has a yellow stripe on the tail and an 'H' back near the tail turret.

Finally, an unnamed unit's B-66B where most of the unit decals must come from the kit. This one has tip tanks, and if my memory serves me, these tanks are not included with the kit so you'll have to find another source for them.

There are red turbine warning stripes and anti-glare panels provided in the sheet. National insignia and wing walk panels will have to come from the kit decals.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet. 

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