Superscale 72-561: B-47E

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Scott Van Aken

Undoubtedly one of the most purposeful jet bombers ever built is the B-47. It just looks right with its swept wings and underslung engine pods. For many years, it was the best medium range jet bomber around, operating from bases all around the world near the periphery of the Soviet Union. It was finally withdrawn from service due as much to increased cracking of wing spars as to any obsolescence. But back in those days, it was cheaper to design and build new planes than to rehab old ones, not at all the case today.

The B-47 was never a really colorful aircraft. At most one would have a stripe or two on the tail or a touch of color elsewhere on the plane. Many had white anti-flash paint on part or all of the belly of the plane to protect them the IR put off by a nuclear blast, for these planes didn't carry iron bombs.

There is only one kit available in 1/72, and that is the now rather elderly, but still pretty good Hasegawa version.

First is a 96 BW aircraft with a full white belly and that is about it.

A 98 BW plane is next with a partial white belly and two black stripes on the fin.

The 1,000th B-47 is the next aircraft in overall bare metal.

Finally, a 310 BW aircraft with a partial white belly and yellow fin stripe, engine fronts and stripe on the fuel tanks.

All the stripes will have to be painted, but there are the required badges and 'milky way' bands provided (in the proper color, I might add).

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