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Superscale 72-539 for 75th Anniv TA-4J Skyhawk




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Scott Van Aken




During 1986, US Navy Aviation had its 75th Anniversary. Unfortunately, I was overseas defending the country from the Red Menace so was unable to see all of the very fancifully painted aircraft that were done for that celebration. Perhaps I'll be around for the 100th! Most of the planes so painted up were training birds and aircraft from non-deploying squadrons. Probably some of the finest paint schemes were done on the TA-4J. This sheet includes two of them.

The VT-25 aircraft is probably the easiest to do as it is overall blue with gold trim. The trim is what makes up most of this sheet. You'll have to paint the gold on the leading edges of the wings and stabilizers, though. This seems to have been missed by Superscale. See Image below.

The VT-7 bird, however, is going to be a real challenge to paint as the sheet gives no masks and no color suggestions other than light, medium and dark blue. Big help! Fortunately, I won't leave you in the dark on this sheet and have included two images to assist with any painting that is required.

If you have the guts to do either of these schemes, you'll end up with a knock-out of a model.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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