Superscale 72-524: RA-5C Vigilante

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Long Out of Production


Scott Van Aken

The Vigilante is always a favorite with modelers. Too bad that there really isn't a new kit of this plane, but apparently the demand just isn't there. The only real options are the Hasegawa and the Airfix kit. Both are demanding kits to build with some preferring the Japanese kit and others the British. There is also a Revell/Ace kit, but I'd highly recommend staying away from it. Yes, it is engraved panel lines, but the fit of the kit is horrendous and the nose is all wrong.

As with many RA-5Cs, these are painted in light gull grey over white with buff colored radomes.

First is from RVAH-3 with their shore based tail codes. Not many realize that back in the 60's and 70's, when a squadron wasn't assigned to an air wing (as was often the case of the RVAH units, they often reverted to a different set of tail codes. Once at sea, they adopted the codes of whatever air wing they were assigned. RVAH-3 was also the training squadron for the RA-5C.

My first Navy squadron, VAQ-130 was also a training squadron, but for the EKA-3B Skywarrior. It sent detachments onto the various carriers that were deployed.

The other is from RVAH-9, another with its shore based coding, this time GM.

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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