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Superscale 72-513 for A-7E Corsair II




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Scott Van Aken




Seems like I'm doing a lot of reviews of decal sheets with Corsairs of different varieties lately. This really stems from an obsession I had with the type several years ago. The pile of decal sheets was only matched by the number of Airfix and Fujimi kits that was stacked up awaiting construction. Well most of the kits are gone, but the decal sheets still survive!

I particularly liked the 'standard' paint scheme aircraft before low visibility markings came into being and basically made Navy aircraft just as dull as their Air Force counterparts. 

As you probably know, the last version of the Navy Corsair II was the A-7E. This aircraft took most of the modifications made to the A-7B made for the USAF A-7D and applied them to the newer aircraft. The result was a more capable SLUFF.

This sheet  covers three aircraft. There are sufficient stencils and insignia for all three aircraft. All are in the Gull Grey over White scheme and all have a respectable amount of color in them as they should!

The instruction sheet is quite complete with a full information on colors as well as placement of all the stencils. I know that I have copied this part of the sheet to put in those earlier Superscale sheets where that data is not available. 

There are two West Coat and one East Coast A-7E on the sheet

First is the CAG bird from VA-122, the 'Fighting Red Cocks'. All the color is in the tail section of this aircraft though there are some additional markings for the fuel tanks (two of the red birds in the center of the sheet) that are not noted on the decal placement sheet. 

Next is a nice green tailed aircraft from VA-25, the 'Fists of the Fleet'. This aircraft also has a green radome. The green must be painted on. Though no ship name is given on the sheet, VA-25 spent its A-7 years on the USS Ranger, so you would not be wrong to place that on the tail section as with the other A=7s on the sheet.

Finally a nice Corsair II from VA-82, the 'Marauders'. This was one of the last squadrons to fly the A-7E, it's farewell cruise being done during Desert Storm, where they saw quite a bit of action. In addition to tail markings, there is a nice blue lightning bolt just aft of the cockpit.

Another fine A-7 sheet for those who like the little beast!

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!!

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