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Microscale 72-495, CVW-14 part 2





Review By:

Scott Van Aken



This sheet is sort of an addition to the previous one on CVW-14. This time it is more current aircraft than what was on the previous offering. As with the earlier sheet, this one contains a full suite of insignia and common markings. Unfortunately, the red is just a bit off register and makes the national insignia useless so replacements will have to be found.

Now, on to what is on the sheet.

This sheet has two of my favourite aircraft on it. Both of them F-4 Phantoms! All three subjects are from the 1976/77 time frame aboard the USS Coral Sea (though I've had e-mails that state USS Enterprise). The two F-4N Phantoms are both CAG birds so more colorful than the average aircraft.

The first F-4 is from VMFA-531, the Ghost Riders. This one has an insignia blue tail and yellow air conditioning intakes, RHAW tail antenna, and tip to fuel tanks

The next is from VMFA-323, the Death Rattlers, with a maroon tail tip and fuel tank tip. Like the previous aircraft, it is overall gull grey.

Finally, an A-6E from VA-196 , the Sunday Punchers, in standard gull grey over white.

A nice addition to the collection of any USN high color collection.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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