Sheet #

Microscale 72-493, CVW-14





Review By:

Scott Van Aken


Aircraft on the sheet are F-8A, AD-6, A-6A

This is another one of Microscale's great sheets covering a Navy Carrier Air Wing. In this case it is CVW-14. All the aircraft have the NK tailcode and are pretty colorful. 

The first aircraft on the sheet is an F8U-1 (F-8A). No carrier is given and it tells you that you must modify any currently available 1/72 Crusader to get this version, though it doesn't seem like too much difficulty. This aircraft is from VF-142 and has a nice red arrow along the fuselage as well as a big red wedge on the tail.

Next is an AD-6 (A-1J) from VA-146. While not as colorful as the Crusader, it does have a lot of orange on the tail band. 

Finally an A-6A from VA-196. This one is the CAG birds with multicolored spades on the rudder.

All aircraft are in gull grey and white. Unlike many Microscale sheets, all national markings and other common stencils are included on the sheet.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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