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Microscale 72-483 for Israeli F-15A/B Eagles




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Scott Van Aken



Until the Gulf War, the most successful user of the F-15 was the Israeli Air Force. It amassed a very respectable number of enemy aircraft kills during the several wars in which it was used. What is even more impressive is that no F-15 has ever been shot down by an enemy aircraft. I believe that particular record still stands. 

What is really interesting to me is that the Israeli's also used their two-seaters in combat. The one on this sheet is a particularly high-scoring aircraft. Another interesting feature is that each one of these aircraft are named. That to me is pretty cool. I'm not sure if this is still something that is done, but it does add interest to an otherwise so-so paint schemes. 

A nice touch on this sheet are the inclusion of insignia and serials for two more F-15Bs not shown on the sheet. There are no corresponding names, however. My sheet also suffered from very poor registration on the kill marks and the insignia. They are so bad as to make them unusable. Oddly, this registration problem did not affect any other markings on the sheet.

Here's what's on the sheet:

First plane is an F-15A named 'Lightning' of the Eagle squadron. This one has the yellow eagle on the outside of the fin and the black band with the eagle head on the inside of the fin. All Eagle Squadron planes (including the two F-15Bs not shown) have these markings. This plane has no kill marks.

Next, also from the Eagle squadron, is 'Gunman'. This F-15A has two kill markings on the nose.

'Typhoon' is another F-15A from the Eagle Squadron and like the above aircraft, has two kill markings.

The fourth F-15A is named 'Gale' and is from 133 Squadron. This one has small red and black tail markings. These are unusable as they are grossly off register. It has no kills

Finally the F-15B of the sheet. It is also from 133 Squadron, named 'Skyblazer' and has four kill markings on the nose.

There is a full stencil placement chart on the back of the sheet for the myriad of stencils. There are enough of these stencils for two aircraft and should provide hours of fun in application.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet.

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