Superscale 72-428: A-6A/EA-6A Intruder

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Long Out of Production


Scott Van Aken


Back in the dark ages, before Fujimi and Italeri, those who modeled 1/72 only had the rather old, but still fairly nice Hasegawa kit with which to build their Intruder collection. Not only that, but to do an EA-6A, one had to actually do some scratch-building to get the rear radome done properly. Now we are spared that drudgery and can save our modeling skills for other things as both F & I have EA-6A kits.

This particular sheet has three aircraft with a nice smattering of USN/USMC planes on it. All are in light gull grey over white. The sheet also provides a full set of stencils and insignia for all the markings. Not only that, one gets a nice instrument panel decal, though it is probably not correct for the EA-6A version.

First up is from VMA-533. The tail on this is a very dark blue and though noFS number is provided, it is probably Insignia Blue.

Next up is VA-115 from the USS Midway. This is an early A-6a with the perforated dive brakes.

Finally, an EA-6A from VMAQ-2. The instructions provide a full size template for the tail in case you want to go ahead and build one anyway. No jammer pods are shown, but you can rob those from an EA-6B kit.

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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