Superscale 72-420: CAW-9 F-4B and A-7E

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Long Out of Production


Scott Van Aken

I don't know anyone normal who doesn't like the colorful USN aircraft of the 1960s and 1970s. This sheet carries the markings of two aircraft from CAW-9. Now as most of us know, the various air wings will move from ship to ship. This usually happens when the carrier is in for SLEP (Service Life Extension Program), which often lasts a year or two. Another reason can be the decommissioning of a carrier and the move to a replacement.

This sheet has markings for two light gull grey over white planes; an A-7E and F-4B Phantom. For kits, most will choose the Fujimi version, though the old ESCI kit is still nice and has recently been reissued in an Italeri box. The Hasegawa F-4B is the choice of most, though again, Fujimi has done a rather nice one, assuming one can find it!

First up is the F-4B from VF-92, a squadron that was disestablished after the Vietnam War. This one is a CAG bird with the full color stripes.

The A-7E is from a favorite of most, VA-146, with its nice blue fin. Though not a CAG bird, it is still very colorful and worthy of having on a model.

Full data markings and insignia are provided for both aircraft.

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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