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Microscale 72-407 for F-86D/101B/102A


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The late 1950s and on through the 1960s into the early 70's were probably the high point in the USAF's Air Defense Command (ADC). These were the years of the height of the Cold War, and there was an ever-present threat of Russian bombers heading over the Arctic to rain death and destruction on the US.  As a result, the USAF had to have a significant percentage of its assets devoted to air defense. Much of this was later turned over to the Air National Guard as the USAF got more heavily involved in Vietnam and as older, but still potent airframes were removed from the regular USAF inventory. Interestingly, no Reserve squadrons were designated as FIS (Fighter Interceptor Squadron) units, all of that being with the ANG or regular AF.

Eventually the ADC was incorporated into TAC (Tactical Air Command) as ADTAC and finally completely disbanded and joined in with TAC and later ACC (Air Combat Command). While there are still units with an air defense mission, they are no longer called FIS squadrons.

This particular sheet offers three FIS aircraft.

Starting numerically, the 37th FIS F-86D; which, based in Vermont, is respondent in Arctic red tail and wing markings. Though the sheet says it is an ANG unit, it is not. All ANG units are in the 100-low 200 number range. The 37th has long been disbanded.

Next is an F-101B from the 123 FIS, Oregon ANG. This aircraft is in overall ADC grey with the unit markings on the tail. The 123rd still flies the air defense mission, now flying F-15A Eagles.

The third aircraft on the sheet is a 146 FIS F-102A. Probably one of the more interesting schemes with its all black tail and fuselage spine, the 102 was painted in ADC grey, though there were examples painted in aluminum. Check your references. The 146th now flies KC-135 tankers as there was a move afoot many years ago to change most of the guard into tankers and airlift rather than the 'cool' fighters.

The sheet offers all the common markings and enough insignia for two of the aircraft.

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