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The McDonnell Douglas F-15A-D Eagle is currently the only dedicated interceptor in US forces. It has no capability for bombing, reconnaissance, or any other function except to shoot down enemy aircraft. A rather remarkable turn of events when you consider how important multi-mission aircraft are in today's military environment. 

First coming on the scene in the late 1970s, the Eagle replaced the F-106 and F-4 in fighter interceptor squadrons. With in a few years of doing that, ADC ceased to exist as a separate entity and the Eagles were then farmed out to other units including the Air National Guard, who took over the task of defending our borders from aerial assault.

This particular sheet includes a number of Eagle units from the first decade of use. All are in the second scheme of two greys (FS 36270 and 36375: what used to be light and dark compass ghost grey), and have the insignia with no blue surround. Microscale has common data markings, which include instrument panel decals, for three of the four aircraft on the sheet.

The first one is one of those dedicated Interceptor Squadrons, the 48th FIS. This unit was based at Langley AFB and was tasked with protecting the nations capital. Like all FIS units, this F-15A had  a lot of color in the tail markings.

Next is a bird from the Alaska Air Command, the 43rd TFS at Elmendorf. Though not as colorful as the 48 FIS bird, it has some unique markings on the rudder. This Eagle is a two seat F-15B

Also at Langley is the boss bird of the 1st TFW. His F-15C has a multi-colored stripe at the top of the tail. 

Finally, another F-15C from the 36 TFW at Bitburg, Germany. This unit has since moved to Spangdahlem as Bitburg was closed in the 1990s. It also sports a multicolored stripe at the top of the tail and an eagle marking in a black band on the inside of the fins.

All in all, a nice sheet of early Eagle units. Though the sheet was undoubtedly designed around the early Hasegawa and Airfix kits, it should work very well with the newer mold Hasegawa models.

Review copy courtesy of me and my now empty wallet!

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