Superscale 72-342: A-7E Corsair II CAG birds

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

A very popular subject when the aircraft was in service, was the A-7E Corsair II. With that large tail, it was perfect for those who liked splashy USN unit markings. This sheet from the days long gone has three of these. The aircraft are all in Light Gull Grey over White as any USN/MC plane should be. All are CAG birds so have a bit of extra color in them that are not found on the normal run of the mill aircraft.

For kits of the A-7E, you have three choices. Starting with the oldest to the newest, there are kits from Airfix, Italeri/ESCI, and Fujimi. Matchbox does an A-7D which 'could' be used as the basis for an A-7E, but it would be my last choice. The now nearly 20 year old Fujimi kit is by far the best choice. Get yours quick for as of this writing (July 2003), the company has gone out of business.

First up is from VA-83. This one has a large ram on the fin and though a CAG bird, no multiple colors. This unit is now VFA-83 and flies F-18C Hornets. Note that the rudder is shown in grey and not white. I'd check references on this one.

Next is VA-37 with CAG colors in the rudder markings. These guys are also a VFA and flying Hornets.

Finally, VA-15 with a super black/gold stripe and colored stars on the fin. Not sure if these folks are still extant, but I'd not be surprised as few VFA units have been disbanded and nearly all the VAs went to the Hornet.

It also looks as if there are enough markings and data to do all three planes!

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