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Scott Van Aken


Bicentennial Schemes


Well, here's another USN A-7 Sheet. I mentioned several reviews ago that I had built up quite a collection of them and this is undoubtedly one of the more colorful. I was thinking the other day about what these schemes would have looked like if the Bicentennial had been 1986 instead of 1976. By 1986, mostly gone were the Gull Grey and White schemes on tactical aircraft and the entire fleet was into low visibility of some sort. 

Thankfully, that wasn't the case and color was in evidence everywhere on Naval aircraft. Some of it was quite comprehensive with a few units painting the entire aircraft in a special scheme. Mostly it was added to the fin or the rudder of the aircraft with some other coloring in the form of red white and blue modex's, carrier name or unit name.

What Microscale has presented us in this sheet are three early A-7s with USN Reserve or training units. Regarding the common markings, there are enough data stencils for two aircraft. The NAVY markings and insignia are going to have to come from other sheets as they are not included.

The first subject is an A-7B from the training squadron VA-125. This is by far the most flamboyant of the three with full fin markings as well as stripes on the leading edges of the wings and tailplanes. The tail marking is all one decal so no painting is needed.

Next an A-7A from VA-303 at NAS Alameda. This is more subdued with bicentennial markings on the fin tip and in a fuselage band. This one also has an altered modex.

Finally a CAG bicentennial bird from VA-305 that used to be at Point Mugu. This one has the rudder all decked out with special markings. In addition, there are markings on the main gear door as well as the modex. A very colorful bird.

Any one of these three would look superb on a Fujimi A-7A/B or even the older Hasegawa kit.

Review sheet courtesy of me and my wallet.

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