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Microscale 72-316 for CAG 5 A-7A/F-4N




Nicaragua and Guatemala

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Scott Van Aken



For those of you who don't know it, CAG-5 is the air group that is based overseas at NAF Atsugi and deploys on the carrier that is based at Yokosuka. Initially, this was the USS Midway. It was later replaced by the USS Kitty Hawk and I believe that the Kitty Hawk will soon be replaced by a newer ship.

I can recall being based in Alameda with VAQ-130 det 2 when the word came around that the USS Midway was going to be homeported in Yokosuka. All the Navy Detailers (those guys who do assignments) were promising the moon to those willing to commit for a rather long tour with either the ship or the CAG. Being wise to the lies of detailers, I was strong and did not go. Good thing, too as the USS Midway went on to spend more time at sea than any other ship in the US fleet.  

Being based in Japan meant that it was nearer to any Western Pacific/Indian Ocean hot-spots than US based ships so was constantly being called upon to go and help out.

Amongst CAG 5s squadrons in the air group were VA-56 and VF-151. Both of those units had rather nicely painted CAG birds (for explanations on CAG aircraft, see this page). Now this isn't exactly a new sheet. In fact, it was released when the aircraft in question were still with the group. As a result, the available kits were minimal. Basically the horrible Revell 1/72 F-4B and almost as bad Revell 1/72 A-7A. Fortunately, we now have the superb Fujimi F-4N and A-7A as well as the equally nice Hasegawa F-4N to chose from.

The first plane is the A-7A from VA-56. Like the Phantom, it is in light gull grey and white. 

The other aircraft on the sheet is the VF-151 F-4N. There are sufficient stencils and insignia for this and the A-7A, which is nice. A stencil guide is provided, but frankly, it is too small to be of much use.

Either scheme will result in a very nice looking model.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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