Superscale 72-302; CAW-6

Units: See review


$ long out of production


Scott Van Aken


This is another of those great carrier air wing sheets. There are three aircraft on it and some pretty colorful markings.

First is an RA-5C in light gull grey over white from RVAH-7. For kits you have nothing really new. Only Hasegawa and Airfix made kits of this plane that are well done. There is a Revell kit out there, but stay away from it as it is pretty bad. A few other equally terrible Korean knock-offs are floating around as well.

The F9F-5 Panther is in overall gloss dark sea blue and is the CAG-2 bird. It has multi-colors on the nose and fin. The only -5 Panther kit in 1/72 is by Matchbox. The Hasegawa kit is a -2 and will take a bit of work to update.

Finally, an A-6E from VA-145. This is a pre TRAM aircraft in gull grey and white. It is also a CAG bird with the colors in the sword on the tail. Fujimi does the best kit with Hasegawa coming a distant second.

As with all these old sheets, insignia will have to come from some other source.

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