Sheet #

Microscale 72-261 P-47D Razerback





Review By:

Scott Van Aken



Here is another Thunderbolt sheet, but this time for the razorback Jug. With this sheet, you not only get full stencil suites, but also enough national insignia to do all the aircraft shown as well as a nifty decal for your instrument panel. As you may have guessed, this sheet was released before Hasegawa released their very nice P-47 in the early '80s. The recommended kit is from Jo-Han. I actually built several of the aircraft from this sheet using the Matchbox kit. Not bad, but not anywhere near as nice as the Hasegawa one. Should fit the Academy or Minicraft (I forget which) copy that has recently come out.

Now, on to what is on the sheet!

The first one is a Pacific theater one all done up very nicely  in overall bare metal with a replacement cowling in OD and grey. It has a great white and red stripe down the side with an equally impressive red, white and blue rudder reminiscent of the pre-war aircraft.

Next, is 'Okie' in ETO markings with a natural metal cowling front and white tail  bands.

'Roger the Lodger' is also an ETO bird, but with a very nice checked cowling. 

Again there are sufficient decals to do all three schemes. The first two schemes sport the appropriate kill markings.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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