Superscale 72-254 for F-100D Super Sabre

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$ Forget it. The sheet is over 20 years old


Scott Van Aken


Here is a nice sheet for the F-100D Super Sabre. Because of its age, it was undoubtedly for the Hasegawa F-100D. However, I see no reason why it wouldn't fit the ESCI or the newer Italeri/Revell kit without too much trouble. There are full markings minus insignia and USAF/US AIR FORCE for both aircraft on the sheet. Naturally, Microscale offers you the size so that you can get them from one of their specialty sheets. Were you to use this sheet today, you'd have to rely on the kit decals. A nice stencil placement diagram is included.

First aircraft is not identified on the sheet at all. However, it is from the 352nd TFS/ 354th TFW that was based at Myrtle Beach. The second aircraft on the sheet is from the 494th TFS/48th TFW based in the UK, if I'm not wrong. This unit went to much paint  for their planes and had them marked in very nice red and white stripes. The white part will have to be painted to use most of the markings on this model, but the red stripes are provided. The nose section has both the red and white as it would be most difficult to mask. You need to check references to verify if the planes were bare metal or painted aluminum. A lot of what was assumed to be bare metal was actually aluminum paint.

Overall, a very colorful sheet and one that should be sought at the various swap meets.

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