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Microscale 72-244 Korean War





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Scott Van Aken



Here is another Microscale sheet for the Korean War. At one time I was very much into this conflict and modeling exclusively in 1/72 so have a lot of spare decal sheets! Despite the front of the envelope saying there is a F4U-1C inside, there are markings for a P-51D, F-80C, F-86F and F4U-5N.  A nice selection for one sheet. Except for the F4U-5N, you'll have to scrounge national insignia for the others from somewhere else.

The first one on the sheet is an F-86F entitled 'Angel Face and the Babes' from the 336th FS. A nice colorful scheme with a few kill markings to add to it.

Next is an F-80C of the 36 FBS. This one has red buzz numbers and red stripes on the tail

A P-51D with a kill marking on it is next as befits Lt. Glessner's sharkmouthed Mustang. One of the few prop planes to score during the conflict, this one is rather colorful with blue and yellow striping (yellow provided).

Finally, we have the USN's only ace of the war, Guy Bordelon's F4U-5N night fighter. Like in Desert Storm, the USAF hogged all the top cover escort missions  where enemy aircraft could be engaged, leaving the Navy to do most of the dirty work in destroying infrastructure. The toned down insignia used on his aircraft are included in this sheet.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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