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Microscale 72-221 for A-7B/E Corsairs.




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Scott Van Aken



The thing about doing so many decal reviews is that one generally runs out of things to say. Especially after doing multiple sheets on the same aircraft. What can I add about the A-7B/E....well, nothing really. I can say that three of the four offerings are CAG birds so are pretty colorful aircraft. I can also say that at least Microscale (and now Superscale), didn't go around giving their sheets cute names like 'Carousing Corsairs pt 15'. I mean really!

Typical of Microscale sheets of the early years, there are no national insignia or 'NAVY' on the sheet though there are common markings for all four aircraft. All of the planes are in light gull grey over white. 

First subject is, like the next two, a CAG bird. This A-7B is from the reserve squadron VA-205 (which I think may be disestablished by now). It has the standard 205 markings with the CAG colors on the rudder, a typical locale for A-7 CAG planes. This is also VA-205's bicentennial scheme.

Next is an A-7E from VA-94, the Shrikes. The CAG colors are stars on the white rudder as well as the '00' or 'double nuts' on the fin tip.

The VA-27 'Maces' A-7E is similarly marked to the VA-205 bird with colors on the rudder.

The last aircraft is a regular run of the mill A-7E from VA-66. Despite not being a CAG bird, it is still rather spectacularly marked.

As for kits, there are a number available, but the best ones in this scale are the Fujimi Corsair II's. Though out of production for well over 10 years, they can be found from time to time and were also boxed by Testors.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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