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Superscale 72-218 CVW-19 '47 - '67




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Scott Van Aken


F8F, A-1, A-7, F-4, F-8

Many years ago, Superscale (then Microscale) did a series of sheet for Navy aircraft. They were based not on a specific type, but on an Air Wing. This allowed the modeler to do several aircraft types from the same sheet (just out of curiosity, how many of you have actually used ALL the schemes on an aftermarket sheet?  I have done this twice in over 1100 kits, and that doesn't count those that only have one subject!)

This particular sheet is for Air Wing 19 which was on various carriers over the years, the subjects for this sheet coming from the USS Boxer, Ticonderoga, Roosevelt (Franklin, not Theodore), and Oriskany.

So, let's start at the top of the list. This one is an A-1H from VA-52 on board the Ticonderoga, circa 1967. This scheme has been prominent in several Spad kits including a recent one from Hasegawa. As you can tell from the nose number, this is one and the others on the sheet are for the CAG boss and is quite colorful.

Next is an A-7A From VA-153 aboard the Oriskany in 1972, which makes me wonder why the sheet is titled '47 - '67! Judging from the decal sheet, the detail in the critter in the middle of the tail is incomplete.

Another Vought product, the F-8J, from VF-191, also aboard the Oriskany in 1972, making it one of the last cruises of the Crusader.

Next is an F-4B from VF-51 on the Franklin Roosevelt in 1976, undoubtedly the last cruise of the FDR before the ship was decommissioned. Don't sweat that the Phantom shown is actually an RF-4, Microscale was a bit lax about minor things like that!

Finally, there is the Bearcat from the USS Boxer in 1947. Probably one of the nicest schemes ever done to an F8F. Again, don't sweat that they show an F8F-2 as the aircraft is supposed to be an F8F-1.

As you can see from the sheet, it is quite colorful. Though a bit off register, it isn't that bad and the sheet is quite useable.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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