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Superscale 72-217 US Display Teams




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Scott Van Aken


F6F, F8F and F-84G

When asked about their favorite American military display team, most of us will go for the Blue Angels. Not sure why that is as the Thunderbirds put on a fine show as well. Perhaps it has to do with longevity. The Blues have been around since the middle of last century, while the Thunderbirds are a more recent team by nearly ten years. The USAF used to have several display teams but ended up doing away with all of them but the Thunderbirds in the early 1960s.

This is a particularly old Microscale sheet and has some of the earliest aircraft flown by the two teams. For the Thunderbirds, it is the F-84G that was its first mount. The scheme is one that is still recognizable today. Microscale gave all of the difficult markings so that you (in theory) don't need to do a lot of painting.

The two Blue Angels aircraft are the F6F Hellcat, the Blues first mount and the F8F Bearcat. The Bearcat was also flown as a solo bird and painted in Yellow with blue trim. However, this sheet only has the ones painted Blue Angel Blue. Either of these planes should be very easy to paint as there are no complicated patterns. Those came into being later on when the Blues switched to jets.

If you can find this old sheet, it will make for some nice additions to your display aircraft collection.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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