Superscale 72-208: S-3A Viking

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Scott Van Aken

You know, I get flak from time to time from readers who complain that I review these old sheets. They state that I should review nothing that can't be easily bought. Well the truth is that often times these old sheets can be found and there are many folks who don't know of their existence and will seek them out thanks to reviews like this. Besides, I can't seem to get every decal maker to send me every new release so that I can have enough for the daily reviews!

This sheet is for one of my top ten favorite planes, mainly because I invested so much of my life working on and around them. There are two kits in 1/72 available. One is the Airfix kit which has some features not found on the Hasegawa kit, but is not the best of the two. Though not exactly new and of the raised panel line vintage, the Hasegawa kit is the choice of most. Both will make up into nice models if carefully built.

These are all CAG birds, though not all have the multi-colored markings on the tail that one expects. All are in gloss light gull grey over white with tan radomes. Since this is the early scheme, all have black cockpit areas with a thin sliver of white behind the canopy. Demarcation lines will be crisp as these planes were masked when initially painted.

First off is the CAG bird from VS-31 aboard the USS Independence.

Next is VS-24s boss bird, from what the sheet says is the USS Forestall.

Another nice CAG bird is this one from VS-28 when it was aboard the USS Ranger (at least that is what the instructions say. However, it should be the USS America)

The final bird is VS-30s boss from the USS JFK, though no ship name is provided.

Obviously there are extra markings available as shown by the additional modex and serial numbers, though the instructions give no clue as to what goes with what!. My guess is that 73/AG is VS-31 without the CAG stripes, 66/AE is VS-28,though you'd have to not use the stars, and 712/AG is another VS-31 bird. Now, as to what serials match those, you'll have to do your own research!

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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