Superscale 72-184: HU-16 Albatros

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Long out of production


Scott Van Aken

To my knowledge, this is the only decal sheet around for the HU-16, though there is a Coast Guard sheet with one on it. Only one kit was made of this plane in 1/72 and that is the very old Monogram version. It was reissued about 5 years back, but finding one can be problematical. It is full of rivets and raised detail. I built one way back when in Mexican Navy markings and can recall that it takes a TON of nose weight.

There are four aircraft on this sheet, all but one in overall natural metal.

First is a SAC bird from no specific unit. The outer wings and tail are in gloss high visibility red (though it could also be da-glo) with a light grey rudder and horizontal stabilizer.

Next is the lone Navy Albatros from NAS Agana, Guam. This beast was on the fire pile when I first got to Agana in 1974. Wish I'd taken a picture of it! It is in gloss engine grey lowers, tail, and wings with yellow on the upper wing center section and outer panels. What is left is in white. Very colorful

Next another anonymous USAF rescue plane with yellow bands and outer wing sections/floats.

Finally from the 354 TFW, is this colorful plane with the same markings as the one above, but with da-glo orange nose and tail section. It also has wing colors on the nose. Another colorful aircraft.

All of the yellow and black bands will have to be painted and insignia will have to come from another source. Upper fuselage walk areas are provided for two planes.


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