Sheet #

Microscale 72-176 for F-100D Super Sabre




49 TFW, 308TFS/31TFW, & 612TFS/401TFW

Review By:

Scott Van Aken



Undoubtedly one of my favorite aircraft is the F-100D Super Sabre. Not sure why this is, but the plethora of interesting and colorful schemes probably has much to do with it. When first introduced, it was, for a short time, the best aircraft in the USAF inventory. Once other, more capable interceptor types came into service, the F-100D was relegated to ground attack. In the early 1960s, all the colorful squadron markings disappeared and eventually the Hun was coated in SEA camouflage. In this camo, the F-100 ended its active days in the early 70s.

This sheet offers three markings, all for the bare metal/aluminum finish. There are full data markings for three aircraft, but no national insignia, which will have to come from another source. There is a good data placement guide on the sheet for all the common markings. The sheet was probably designed for the 1/72 Hasegawa kit, but should fit the ESCI or Italeri 1/72 F-100D without problems.

The first aircraft is the Wing Commander's aircraft for the 49th TFW. It has a blue, yellow and red tail tail and nose band. You'll have to paint the blue on the nose band.

Next is one from the 308 TFS/31 TFW. This one has green nose and tail bands, making for a colorful aircraft.

The final subject is from the 612 TFS/401 TFW. It has a blue nose band and a black checkered tail band. There is also a large squadron badge for the just under the cockpit.

Another in the fine line of Microscale sheets.

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