Superscale 72-166: OV-10A

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$ Here's another 25 plus year old sheet


Scott Van Aken


An aircraft that gets little print time is the OV-10A. When this sheet was produced 25 years ago, the only kit around was one from Airfix and one from Hasegawa. Not sure which would be the best, but that is a moot point as Academy has produced one in the last few years that is very much a modern kit. There is still the problem of finding places for nose weight, but that shouldn't deter any dedicated modeler!

All the Marine planes are in Field Green (which I think is FS 36092) uppers with white undersurfaces and upper wings. Some may be in gloss, so check your references.

First is what was the new scheme for VMO-2 at Camp Pendleton.

Next is the earlier VMO-2 scheme and it would have been in gloss.

From China Lake, comes this VX-5 version

VMO-1 had this 'sharkmouthed' version with red and white striped spinners.

Hawaii's H&MS-12 operated the next one with the black and yellow rudder stripes.

Finally, the USAF had this ADC Grey (FS 14673) overall 20th TASS bird. It would have also had a white upper wing as was common with all FAC birds.

The sheet provides lots of stencils, seat belts, and wing walk decals. Insignia will have to come from another source.

Review copy courtesy of me.

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