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Microscale 72-144 'USAF Mig Killers





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Unlike World War II and Korea, there just wasn't the air to air activity in Vietnam as in the previous conflicts. There are a number of factors concerning that, but the biggest was that the North Vietnamese Air Force just wasn't of the same calibre of the USAF. Rarely with more than 100 aircraft in service at any one time, N.Vietnam just didn't have the pilots and other resources that were needed to combat the attacking US aircraft. However, when the NVAF was active, it was active in force, allowing some pretty intense combat for those aircraft involved.  The end result was that only five men (three USAF and two NAVY) were able to become aces from this conflict, though many others were successful in downing NVAF Migs.

This  sheet covers four aircraft of the Vietnam war plus a Sabre from Korea. Without further ado, let's take a look at what is on the sheet.

The first two aircraft on the sheet are both F-4Ds of the 555 TFS. The upper aircraft was the aircraft that made Steve Ritchie an ace and is now on display at the USAF Academy. The lower aircraft is a double killer with some interesting nose art.

Next is an F-105D, the Memphis Belle from the 357TFS with two kills

The fourth aircraft is one of the opposing forces flown by 'Col Tomb' a leading ace of the North Vietnamese. This person is considered to be a fictional character as there is no corroborating evidence that such a named person existed. However it was good propaganda. His Mig-21PF is adorned with 13 kill markings. Allegedly, he and his Mig-17 were shot down by Navy aces Cunningham and Driscoll.

Finally, we have an F-86E from Korea flown by Lonnie Moore, with 10 kill markings.

As you can see from the sheet, there are full stencil suites for the aircraft involved. National insignia will have to be obtained either from the kit or another sheet. For the F-86 you will have to paint the yellow bands with black borders.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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