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Microscale 72-122 for P-47D Razorbacks


$1.75 back in 1968



Review By:

Scott Van Aken



Ah yes, the famous P-47D 'Jug'. How many of you have never built a kit of this aircraft, in any scale. As I thought, not many hands. It is and will be a favorite of modelers for a long time to come. This is one of Microscales older sheets. Back when it was OK to print the price on the sheet as you knew the price wouldn't change every three months like it seems today. It was also when the only kit available in 1/72 was the Jo-Han kit, and that was a LONG time ago. Now we have the Hasegawa and Academy kits to choose from.

Well, it looks like a pretty intensive sheet with lots of aircraft on it and that it is. Just a few notes before getting on with the listing of what's there. First off, there are no national insignia offered with this sheet. Secondly, they are all for Olive Drab over Neutral Grey aircraft. Next, the sheet isn't really that dark a yellow brown (it is actually a light buff color), I just darkened it so you could see the white markings that are available. Finally, the detail on the smaller bits isn't really that crisp. Typical of these early sheets in this scale, it is more of a representation of the detail than anything. Perfectly OK for this scale, but newer sheets are a bit better in this department.

OK, now on to the aircraft:

First is HO*U, 'Brutal Lulu', with white nose and large underwing stars under both wings.

Next is UH*W, 'Louisiana Pirate'. This one is similar to the HO*U, with the white cowl band and white tail  and rudder stripes, but without the large extra insignia.

HL*O is the next aircraft, This one is from the 78th FG and has a large black and white checked cowling. It also has the large underwing insignia.

Moving to the Pacific theater, we have 'Miss Mutt' of LT. R. Rowland with a white tail and leading edges of the wing. It is also marked 'Pride of Lodi Ohio' in front of the fuselage insignia.

'Firey Ginger' is the plane of ace Neel Kearby and is decked with lot of kill markings as well as the white New Guinea theater markings.

Back in Europe is  the black and yellow checkertailed Jug of Lt Cecil. Dean. This one has a red nose band, natural metal canopy frame and alternate black and yellow cowl flaps.

There are common stencils and instrument panel decals for all six aircraft. In addition, there are seat belt decals provided.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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