Superscale 72-117: E-2B/P-2H

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Scott Van Aken

Two older kits that get very little in the way of decal sheets nowadays are the E-2 Hawkeye and P-2 Neptune. The Hawkeye is a Fujimi kit (also currently (2003) boxed by Heller), and the Hasegawa P-2. Both are not new kits and at least 25 year old. The Fujimi kit has been altered from the original E-2A/B kit to the C version and while not impossible, backdating it to the version on this sheet will take some work in the nose and with the heat exchanger. The Hasegawa kit is the -7 version so will work right from the box. Both are in the white over light gull grey scheme. You may have noticed that the position of the colors is reversed when it comes to combat planes with the grey on the upper side.

Anyway, the lone P-2 is from VP-56 'Dragons' sometime in the late 1960s.

The first E-2A is from VAW-114 'Hormel Hawgs', and has little hawgs on the top of the rotodome.

The other is from VAW-116 and has a nice smiling sun face on the nose.

If you have either of the recommended kits, these schemes will look better than what comes in the box.

The sheet comes with no insignia, so you'll have to hit the spares box for those.

Sheet courtesy of the reviewer.

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