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Microscale 72-116 for A-7D Corsair II




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Scott Van Aken




Previous decal reviews have pretty well done a brief history of the A-7D, so I recommend reading one of them for this information. Dispensing with those pleasantries allows me to go right to the sheet.

A few things about the aircraft on this sheet. First of all, they are all camouflaged in the SEA scheme of  FS 34079 and 34102 greens with 30219 tan uppers and 36622 light grey undersides. There is a very good diagram taken right out of the USAF tech order on the instruction sheet. With the exception of one aircraft, all are from the 355TFW at Davis-Mothnan AFB in Arizona when the aircraft first came into USAF service. 

There are enough common markings to do four of the five aircraft on the sheet. It also includes instrument panel decals. Insignia are the 15" variety and need to come from either the kit or another decal sheet. Two interesting things are included with this sheet. First are some 'remove before flight' tags, which one just loops some thin wire through. Secondly there are some scale 'rivets' in both black and white and of varying designs. Obviously, this didn't catch on too well!!

The recommended kits, according to the sheet, are the Airfix A-7E and Revell A-7D, both of which do not have the boom refueling receptacle on the upper wing. This isn't a problem today with the excellent Fujimi kits that are still somewhat available.

On to the sheet. The first four aircraft are from the 355th TFW and vary little from each other with the exception of tail bands and tail codes. I;ll refer to them by serial number.

71-0355 is coded DM and is with the 358th TFS. It has the wing's multi-colored tail band on it. It also sports two Mig kills. Those were earned by its pilot, Col. Fred Haeffner in Vietnam.

Next, also from the 358th, is DM coded 70-1042. This aircraft has some nose art on it showing a bridge and named 'Puente de las Americas'. The tail band is green

40-044 (which is WRONG and should be 70-1044) is from the 40th TFS, the 'Fighting Fortieth'. It has the tail code of DD and a green band on the tail. Later, all the squadrons of the 355th switched their tailcode to DM.

70-1027 is from the 357th TFS, the 'Licking Dragons'. It has a yellow tail band.

Finally, aircraft 70-0976 from the 353 TFS/ 354 TFW 'Green Demons'. It is tail coded MN and also has a green tail band.

In all, a nice selection of early A-7Ds in active USAF service. These aircraft were all rather quickly replaced near the end of the 70's by the A-10.

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