Superscale 72-114: A-4E/F/L Skyhawks

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Scott Van Aken

If you like Scooters, you'll find this to be a nice sheet. Over the years, most of these markings have found their way into various kits, but it is still nice to have them in one place. When this sheet was released, the only 1/72 A-4E/F was the slightly over-scale Hasegawa kit. No recommendation is provided, which is normal on these older sheets. I wouldn't doubt that these markings will fit the superb Fujimi A-4s or even the ESCI ones that have recently (Sept 2003) been rereleased by Italeri. All insignia will have to come from the kit or aftermarket sheet. Colors for all these planes is light gull grey over white.

First up is an A-4E from VC-1 in Hawaii. The blue fuselage band will need to be painted on. It was not unusual for E model A-4s to be retrofitted with the A-4F Avionics package on the spine.

Next is an A-4F from VA-93 aboard the Bon Homme Richard. This unit transitioned to A-7As and moved to the USS Midway.

From VA-144, also on the Bonnie Dick, comes this A-4F. 144 was disestablished when the Bon Homme Richard was decommissioned. This is a CAG bird and like the rest of the aircraft on the sheet, the tail colors will have to be painted in place.

VA-203 is a reserve squadron, and this is one of their A-4Ls. The L was an upgraded A-4C. Unless you have the old IPMS nose conversion for the ESCI kit, the Fujimi version is your only choice. 203 is currently flying the F-18, but will soon be disestablished along with what seems to be the rest of Naval Reserve Aviation.

Finally, an A-4E from VMA-311. As with others, the red tail colors will need painted.

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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