Superscale 72-082: A-7 Corsair II

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Long out of production


Scott Van Aken

One of my favorite aircraft is the A-7 Corsair II. It carried a wide variety of colorful markings and there have always been good kits available. For the A version are the old Revell and Hasegawa kits or the newer Fujimi. The B can use the same A kits. The E has been done by Fujimi and Airfix. Most modelers will want to use the Fujimi kits, even though they are well over 15 years old, as they are the best that have been done in 1/72. All of these are in light gull grey over white. There are no insignia provided though there are enough common markings for all. Most unusual is that the instruction sheet is applicable to two different sheets. This one and 72-081. I've shown just the markings for this sheet.


First up is an A-7E from VA-113 aboard the USS Ranger.

VA-86 is represented by this CAG bird from the USS America. The kit used in this case is the Airfix A-7E.

Finally an A-7A from VA-147 aboard the USS Ranger. It is also the colorful CAG bird.

There you have it, a great sheet for the A-7.

Review copy courtesy of me and my diligent searching through piles of decals at swap meets.

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